Identifying Included flows

Hi, is there a way to identify how many included flows are within a flow (and their names)?
I am doing a bit of tidying up on my flows and I want to know which ones I can archive off and bin but I need to know are they being used in another flow? Doing it manually would be a very time-consuming.


In Flow Classic (Flow 6) I’m not aware of a simple way to see the dependencies top down. You can however see the dependencies bottom up, from the fragment to the root Flow.

There might be an easier way then this but what you can do is to look in the source code of the root Flow. Without knowing for certain, the following XML tag seams to be correspondent to the included fragments:

The code editor opens in read only mode. You should not edit your Flows in the code view unless you know what you are doing. It might break the Flow source code.

Access the source code by RMB in the design are of the Flow.

Thanks for the reply. The only way to find the folders the Included flows are stored in and what flows they are being used in, is to open them manually in Flow Studio. Viewing the code of the flow doesn’t tell me anything.

If you have a messy folder structure, the code doesn’t help no. But you can find out what fragments a Flow consist of. Likewise you can work out which Flows uses a fragment.

I would find my apps (root Flows), order them into folders and create subfolders with the fragments.

Here are a recommended folder structure from our Development Guidelines you can use: Flow Studio Structure - Flow Development Guidelines

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

you could also export all the flows in the folder and then use file system connector to go through the exported files, read the contents and make the connections.
So when ever you export a flow with dependencies it ends up as .wap file.
This is basically an archive file and can be manipulated with file system connectors zip operations.
It contains .flow files inside it and those can be read using file connectors file operations.
So for example i have set up X folder on my C drive (and a Temp folder inside it) and placed some wap files in there.

TEST 1.wap contains TEST 1 flow which uses TEST 2 fragment (and is part of TEST 1.wap)
When reading the contents of .flow file important bits are:

Version ID:


and the fact that if type != ‘Fragment’ then it may contain VersionID of the fragment somewhere in the text contents of .flow file for the main flow (just saw hat it will contain name too)

I made a crude helper flow which reads and matches the contents of the file to produce a table at the end

Test get dependancies.flow (113.5 KB)

If your fragments contain fragments…then it gets a bit more complicated (but similar principle applies :slight_smile: )

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I don’t have the file system connector, it’s not part of our license, we would have to buy it. Also the included flows contain included flows themselves so in the .flow file I would have to identify which parts are “fragments of fragments”. Your post has helped though, thank you.

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