How to see the previously Executed workflows

I want to how a user can see the previously used/ executed workflows. for example: If someone has created a purchase order and it is executed and the flow ends, from now we can create a new order only so how do the use can check the information executed in the previous cycle of workflow? The record might be created in table but can it be possible with any user key or something by which with a single click he/she can check the last workflow cycle data…
Anyone, could you help me pl with this …

Not exactly sure I follow. But it sounds like database logic to me, like for example storing what the user has done in a log-table and decide on paths in the workflow based on that?

Hi ola,
Yes it is similar to that, Workflow path will be same but I want to design it for the reference purpose of user so that he can see what he has done previously. Just like transaction history features available in banking applications. I was looking for a one click solution if already available in Novacura and I am unaware of that. Nevertheless, I have a design to do this in flow, but was trying for the most efficient option if any better than this.

Got it. No built in “breadcrumb” feature like that so go with your solution for it :slight_smile:

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