Flow Machine Workflow REST API Management

I am experimenting with using NovaCura Flow as our backend data-processing / data-connector between IFS and non-IFS systems. I created a simple machine workflow in Studio that uses the IFS OData connector to retrieve a database entity by key and return it as JSON. I then used the Generate Web Link RMB option in Studio to create a REST endpoint for that machine workflow.

I am now able to use that endpoint from my REST API testing tool to retrieve data from IFS. However, I do not see where I can manage or observe the usage of this web URL that was created via the RMB option. Is there a place where I can manage this and see all the hits that have been made to the endpoint? I thought maybe I could find it in the Environment tab in Studio, but I don’t see anything there where I can see the endpoints that I have created.


Hi Chris!

Flow can be used in many ways. My personal favourite use is integrations :slight_smile: .

As you describe, a machine workflow can be deployed as a service. And that is adequate for less complex integrations scenarios at a smaller scale. If you however need a reliable and scalable integration interface I would advice looking into the Flow Integration Engine. This is an addon to your Flow server and enables you to setup and use Flow as an Integration platform with API management, Data conversion/mapping, Queue mngmt , Error handling, Metrics etc. Low-Code Integration Engine for ERP Systems – Novacura. Reach out and we are happy to give you an demo.

The options you have without the Integration Engine module is to log the usage within the workflow itself. That is; writing to a database or a Flow parameter for example. You can also look at the amount user logins for the Machine Users.

In summary there’s no “off the shelf” solution without the Integration Engine, you have to implement the measurements yourself. I recommend doing it via a fragment so you can reuse it in all your integration workflows.

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