Checkbox default

I want to set a checkbox to be ticked by default but it isn’t doing it for me even though I think what I have done is correct (see attachment) .

Try ditching the curly brackets which make the input resemble av value instead of Flowscript.

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The default value as shown here works if you don’t have a source field. Since you have a source field i think you need to include the logic into your datasource (case when checked is null then true or 1 else… something along these lines). If there is a source i would assume any default value gets overwritten, probably even if there is no value in the column.

Oh I see. So you have created a duplicate of the datagrid output earlier in the Flow?

Tested the behaviour myself. If you enter a source column from the source table, that will override the default value setting. So if you use a source, the default values need to be set beforehand when creating that source table.

Yes it works if I remove the Source and have it set to “None”. The default set to {true} works then,
Thank you and also the others who replied.

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