Data grid and date picker

Is it possible to create a date column in a data grid? Only choises are Text, Numeric, Computed, Value list and checkbox


sadly no, datagrid column cant be shown as date picker.

My favorite workarounds include ( but are not limited to :slight_smile: ):
-Use text for data input with default value set in the format you would accept (i also put the format in the column name), and evaluation after the datagrid (to make sure it remained in the correct format)
-Use 3 value lists, one for day, month and year, then put together a date value after (with some validation for days in specific month)
-Use Date Input element above and add a checkbox column to the datagrid. Also add “Apply date” button so that the date selected is applied to lines of the datagrid for which the checkbox was clicked.

Hope this helps!