Date with timestamp entry


I’m taking date input in a form but when user prompt is available it shows option to take date only but not seeing any option to provide time .
But while debugging I could see timestamp coming as 0.

My requirement is to take a user input in along with timestamp and store in a date column in a table.

Please help me for the below.


Hi, are we talking flow or portal? In flow there is a date and a time element:

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Hi Ola,

Thanks and sorry for late in reply.
I’m talking about Flow Studio.

Yes I have seen there are separate fields for data and time in flow studio.
What I have seen date field doesn’t have timestamp but if you enter and value into teh field debug mode says present timestamp there though u doesn’t take.

My requirment is , From Poratl I’m taking a timestamp column but user will provide end tiemstamp.Then I wil calculate elapsed time from start and end.

If I need to do as per flow studio – >for time a separte and date a separte filed and then i need to concatenate them to derive timestmp?

Please suggest.

Not sure I entirely follow, but check the flow script functions out.

Or sometimes it could also be worth to jump over a SQL step to do some datediff-code in there if there is something not supported by flow script.