Default rows in a data grid

In flow 6.14, where is the grid’s number of rows to initially display stored? And can we change the default number of rows for the users?

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Hi, there is a “defaultGridPageSize” setting that can be set in the web client’s web config. see:
Web client - Flow Help for more info.

You can also see and modify it for your user per each grid using F12 in the browser:

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Neat idea, Ola, but how do I know which one is the current grid? I have a dozen grids in that list.

We should probably make that easier to figure out, but for now I think the solution would be to either change it to something unique in the drop down and see which one got updated under the local storage. Or if you have a hunch, you could change it to 46 or something that is not possible to select from the UI and see if it was the correct grid.