Sub Tasks creation example with full details

Hi Gurus,

I was going through the document for sub tasks but the steps aren’t clear sequence wise.
It would be great if you can provide a simple step wise example to draw below sub-tasks.

  • check list
  • item creation
  • verb

Thanks in advance.

The examples in the help section are perhaps a bit overly complicated. But I think you need to try them out to understand how it works, one of those things that are hard to understand by just reading text.

So start by trying to figure out what it is you want to achieve. Basically, a checklist is if you have a list you need to check off (like a pick list).
Item creation is the other way around, you start empty and build up a list (adding lines to an order perhaps).
And the Verb is the simplest that does none of the above, it just executes the sub-workflow each time you press the task.

Then exactly how the pills and all work I think its best to learn by doing.

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Hi Ola,

Thnaks for the reply.
Let me try this.