Printing/displaying record type variable

Hi, Does anyone please explain me how to print or display the data stored in a record. For example if I inserted a .jpg file or a text file through the “File Gallery” in user step and it is by default stored in a Record type variable then, How I can display it in the next user step. A table type variable can be displayed by file gallery and single variable can be displayed by “Static text” but what to do for a Record Variable??
Does anyone can help, Your contribution will be much appreciated please help.

Are you trying to display this in a File Gallery or image viewer in the second user step? If the former, you can just create a table from the record and show it in another File Gallery (see attached Flow). If you want to show in an Image Viewer then you will need to upload it to the Server or some Blob storage where you can access the image from a URL because the Image Viewer only accepts URLs.
Show Record.flow (14.2 KB)

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Hi Paphus,
Thankyou so much buddy, you have just made my day. I was engrossed in this from last 2 days but was not able to find any way to do it, but you did it very simply and made it easier for me. Thanks a lot dear, I totally get this thing.