Only arrays of objects are supported

I am getting the following error from an OData step, see image below. The step itself is a custom request to update a business opportunity (I am using a custom request because the studio crashes whenever I select the update operation on the entity itself). The step itself runs just fine, I can see in the connector services comm log that the call is made and the response is sent back to Flow, but then it crashes because Flow can’t handle the response.

The irritating thing is that it used to work just fine. Then the IFS environment was overwritten by another (we copied Prod to Stage, which is where this happens) and since then it’s been broken. I have recompiled every endpoint several times over and recreated the offending step (and others) multiple times, but I can’t get past this. As of now it’s a critical blocker and I’m out of ideas, except updating the OData connector, but that could take a while.



when you define a custom request you get to define the response too. And sometimes (sadly) the responses change between IFS updates.
For example:

Did you copy paste the response from the IFS cloud (Stage) as it is now?

If that didnt work then i guess the problem could be in this specific response:

(Flow REST connectors dont like arrays without column names)

If you dont care about the response maybe you can try to set the connector Break workflow on error: No

If that also didnt work then updating the OData connector would be your best bet.

Other than that you could just make the OData call with defining the regular REST connector (there you can handle arrays without columns like in this post Error message importing a REST configuration - #2 by OlaCarlander) but…that may be more trouble than its worth :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


Thank you, it looks like this could have been the solution! However, we finally updated the OData connector and the problem went away. I will keep it in mind for the future though.