How to use sync fusion framework?

How to use sync fusion framework to extend functionalities?
Thank you

Hi Pedro, not sure I understand your question. We are using syncfusion as a framework for our portal (Flow Portal).

Hi OlaCarlander,

We just bought NovaCura, and we are trying to build a landing page.

The goal is to build a simple “tableau de bord” that should link to a more detailed report in Power BI.

The two portlets in portal (KPI card and speedometer) natively don’t have the ability to react to a click event, I’m trying to find a way to make it happen.

thank you

Well, you can have other portlets listening to the KPI card (and the speedometer as well I believe, not sure from the top of my head). And that is the concept of the portal, you have different portlets listening to each other, and then using workflows to extend the portal from a read-only mode to a more interactive solution.

If you want to start a workflow by double clicking on a card perhaps the Kanban is a better choice.

But it is kind of hard to explain the entire product in a forum post, but NLS knows a lot about it and we have some self-paced training you can take if you haven’t already.

Kanban note taken.

Can you send me the information where I can find the self-paced training?

Thank you

Maybe use the HTMl table Portlet to build a simple overview to your liking and link it to Power BI? That portlet than can listen to any other Portlet, so e.g. when clicking on some data the link that is displayed in the html portlet changes.

Hi Jostde
We plan to use Novacura as a landing page for, 25000+ users. This is the reason why we will try to use native objects. Linking an HTML table portlet to Power BI will consume resources on both SQL servers and create as many IIS requests.
Thank you for your suggestion