Workflow to portal page navigation

Hi All,

I’m trying to navigate from workflow to portal page once when the process ends in the workflow.
Also trying to navigate one page to another page in the portal.

Is there any way to achieve the above functionalities. Kindly let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Swetha B.


(as far as i know) there is no “regular” way to switch pages within Portal.

Thats why sometimes we use a (dirty) trick:
Every page has its own ID (as part of the whole url to the page)

So all we do to move from one page to the other is create a dummy button on a page we want to move from, that contains the link to the page we want to move to (within a html tag that we enter as the button name):

The name of the button is, for example:
And the page to go to is:

It works (most of the time, depending where you click :slight_smile: )

The same trick could be applied to Flow by using the page address in “Link” element.

Hope this helps!


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I thought the same but came to check, is there any appropriate way for screen navigation.
Thanks for your solution!!

Swetha B.

Hi ,

Thanks for the input.
I have another question.

Let’s say I have a solution where I need to pass a variable from a page and by taking that value opean related data in the other page e.g.

  • List item

supplier is logging into a logging portal
supplier is validated
Now this supplier has some related detail data which is stored in DB
requirment is once supplier is validated in login portal take the supplier ID from login portal and using the same supplier id show his/her data in another page which has a table portlet to shoe the data

Thnaks in advance


well (if i understood right) for this i would use either Flow properties or a table in the DB (if available) and include that in the flows for datasource/filtering.

So if your suppliers have separate logins to Flow Portal (meaning 1 supplier = 1 flow user) then you can set some Flow Properties for that user (for example SupplierID, Site…) and then use those values in your selects for the datasource of the page you would be navigating to.

If you have the suppliers log onto Portal with a general user and then once they are in they “log in” again somehow (through a flow or by filtering) then that is the time you can set the value of these properties on that general user by using the Flow Environment connector.

And then, once they navigate to the other page, datasource will be adjusted by the values of these properties.

The same thing you can do if you have access to some DB (create a new table of a CLU in IFS) then save the values to the DB based on userId and fetch them while datasource flow fetches for the Portal.

In the example from the previous post above we have a portal page into which users land when they log in and there is a filter set up so they can find their WO.

Once they find their WO they need to click the QuickAction button in the list next to the WO number and that just writes down the WO number to a property on the user as the selection they made, Then on the next screen that selection is read for all the portlets.

So you cant realy transfer data between pages but rather remember data on one page and then use that when fetching data for the second page.

Hope this helps!


Hi Ivan,

Many thanks for this.
Before I can go through your example and understand properly , I want to understand teh below.

A new user is entered in a login portal , I want that new user to write into FLOW DB with a role

Can you show me an sample example for this.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ivan,

I could write users in Flow DB using FLow connector but still didn’t get how I can take a variable from one page to another like below.

User logs into a sign in page behind this I have a workflow in Flow Studio
The I redirect teh user to another page by providing URL of another page in the link feature of user step
Now in teh new page I want to automatically show the data in a table porlet only related to the user which is coming from sign in page .

Thnaks in advance.

Hi Ivan,

I have done this with the below solution.

Thanks for the help, really appreciated.


Hi Bhaski,

maybe i can explain better with the above example:
So in this portal we have Page 1 with a table portlet showing us WOs

It has a machine flow connected to a QuickAction button.
All that machine flow does is takes data (WONo) from the row that the button was clicked on and writes it to the DB (here we have access to a MS SQL DB but we can also write it down to a user property)

So then there is Page 2 with a record portlet which has a listener set to Page 1 and its table portlet (on refresh) and a workflow for a datasource

And at the begining of that datasource flow (before we fetch the data it will provide the record portlet) we are fetching the WONo that we saved when hitting that QuickAction button on Page 1, and then we are using it to fetch data for record portlet

That way:
User hits QuickAction on Page 1, WONo is saved, Page 1 portlet refreshes
Listener from Page 2 record portlet knows it needs to refresh now too and at the start of getting data, gets the WONo value that was saved and uses it.
User is still on Page 1 but can now hit the Select button and navigate to Page 2 which has data based on WONo saved.

So the same principle should apply for your use case, save your data (role) during the running of the flow, in the datasource of the Portal page you are navigating to first read it and then use it to display data based on it.

Hope this helps!


Hi @ivstde ,

Many thnaks for your time and reply.
I’m going through this and will post if I’ve further queries.