Flow Portal - Part One training, now available

at our training platform (let me know if you need a login)

We cover:

  • Basic portlets (Table, Filter, Record, Data Tree, Document Viewer, Rich Text, Html and Workflow portlet).
  • Portal design, listeners and List of Values
  • Connecting Flow and Portal to modify data
  • Troubleshooting
    and more

Hi there - please could I get a login for the training platform?

For sure, please verify that you got an invite in your inbox.

Yes, I got the invite and managed to login to the portal - thanks!

Hello, Can I please have a login for the training platform?

You’ve got mail Niklas :wink:

Hi Ola, is it possible to get access?

of course, you should have an email on the way

Hi Ola, Could I get a log in pl to the platform?

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Hi Ola, please let me have access to training platform

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