Check in document from file record

I want to read a file from the file system (File system connector) and then use the “Check in document from file record” (oData Connector) operation to check in a file into IFS Cloud.

The “Check in document from file” operation wants a file record as input, but I can’t figure out how to get that out of the file system connector.

Can some one give me an example of this.

(not sure if its the best way but…)
after fetching the file with File System connector i usually use 2 more functions from the connector: “Add file to zip” and “Extract zip to stream” to make the file i got…ready to be uploaded in IFS :slight_smile:
So something like this:

Also here is a flow example (it has some logic in there too, maybe it can come in handy but) the relevant part is in the screenshot.
Test Upload.flow (228.8 KB)

Hope this helps!


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Thanks, it worked great doing as you suggested.