REST Operation: Is it possible to have a binary file as the body of a request?

I am working on a flow to have a user upload an excel file, then have this excel file uploaded to onedrive. In my flow, I am currently able to generate the upload URL but am stuck at the next step of uploading the file. In my operation, I have it set up to take in the upload URL for the path and take in the file size to fill in the content-range header. The PUT request however also requires the file itself to be placed in the body of the request usually as binary.

I am wondering how I can take the file uploaded and then have it placed into the body of my request to upload to onedrive. Any help or knowledge of how to do this would be greatly appreciated.


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Try to set the data type to string with the type format bcl:byte [ ]

I think that will filestream it to you onedrive

Or since this is an input parameter (upload), you can try the Stream type: