Expected a 'number', but the term has type 'number?' (nullable number)

When importing a workflow from Flow Classic to Connect I got this error:

I know that in Connect I have to declare my datatypes, but how do I do that in an assignment step like this:

Or do I need to change it to a flow script step and do it in there?

In your scenario, you can solve the problem by changing from SelOkToBookInHours to str(SelOkToBookInHours).

The cause of the error message is that the SelOkToBookInHours variable is a nullable number. Nullable numbers, and nullable values in general, must be dealt with explicitly – you must handle the fact that they can be null. The purpose of this rigidity is to prevent accidental use of null values.

In your scenario, the str function works because it will convert any value into a non-nullable text. str(1) will return the text value "1" while str(null) will return an empty text value.

If you want to learn more about null in Flow Connect, you can refer to the document on Nullable Types and the IsNull function

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