Bar code read Quality

Hi All,

odd error happens. I have a flow where the user picks a product from a picklist , scans the EAN number and the ship label prints. However, I am encountering where the scanner picks up random parts of the EAN number. sometimes it is a clean read, sometimes it picks up only a part of the EAN code and therefore errors. However if I scan in to notepad with exactly the same label and same scanner , its a clean read every time.

in the pictures, EAN is the expected value
Entered is what I have scanned.

I have tried various settings on the scanner but seems to make no difference.

Any thoughts appreciated !




Not starting a blame game here :slight_smile: but I think that it might be the notepad that hides the characters rather than the other way around. I base that on as far as I know, we do not have a separate scanning interpreter in that way, “we” just receive the data from the scanner.

Can you try to put the expected value somewhere else, like in the URL field or something for test?

Hi tried this but the bar code appears ok. Also the examples I gave in my original request were the same physical label each time, I was not scanning different labels with the same barcode. I scanned the same label multiple times and got a different result each time in flow - I shall investigate further…