Allow Active Directory users to login in Flow Studio


I noticed that the users that are synchronized with Active Directory have no problems logging in Portal 2 but not in Flow Studio.

The other day, @OlaCarlander explained that we must put a script somewhere with the following contents, but I forgot to write down where that script is configured and now I don’t find where to do it.

exec SetUserLevel(‘AdministerWorkflows’); exec SetLanguage(‘sv’); exec SetCulture(‘sv-SE’)

Thank you.

In the Active Directory sync view, where you add the AD Groups to Novacura Roles, there will be a {} on the right. If you click that, you can paste in that script.

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Thank you Daniel. It is pretty obvious… :sunglasses:, after all. I guess I didn’t see that icon because to make the right part of the panel visible I had to scroll horizontally.