Address Validation Rest API

We had a need for a Rest Connector to validate the address the user is entering. We came across which returns the necessary information (Corrected Street Address, City, State, Zip Code and County). The monthly pricing is affordable and thought we would share. It was easy to setup.


Thanks, good tip. (moved it in under Tips&Trix section).
Do you have a ballpark estimate of the difference in pricing in regards to Bing Maps (as I think you have evaluated them both?)

For our use case Bing Maps wasn’t returning accurate information, coordinates were often wrong even though the address was validated through their API.
The Bing Maps API is free unless you get to a very large amount of rest calls (we validated this on a conversation with Microsoft). YAddress starts at $10.00/month for 1000 rest calls and also offers the first 1000 free. We’ve compared the results on the addresses that Bing got wrong and YAddress was correct.

Got it, thanks! Quality is for sure worth a few bucks… Did you by chance also match it against googles api:s? I assume they would be the best but also more expensive

We didn’t because of the cost involved and we didn’t want to constantly monitor our usage. YAddress will return a forbidden error code when you reach the limit. We’ve analyzed our current usage and selected a plan that would be more than enough for our needs.

I see, that makes a lot of sense. Better pricing model.